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Southworst Airlines


I used to love Southworst Airlines, but slacked off because I wasn’t traveling by air as often. But after a few years I returned to business air travel, so I decided to give it another try. Well kick my nuts! I paid $25 more to get early bird check in which is supposed to automatically check me in for best seating, and they screwed me. I got B3 which clearly not in the “A” group that I paid for. I go to the boarding area and some woman behind me just checks in right there at the desk and gets an A spot. WTF? So I could could have saved $25 and just asked for an A spot at the desk? They tell me that perhaps everyone in front of me purchased early bird ahead of me. Then they announce over the intercom the option to spend $40 to upgrade to an A position. Gee, shouldn’t they call my name and give it to me since I paid for premium seating? Unbelievable. Profit. Gouging.

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