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Life has become worse than a nightmarish for everyone on the planet due to Fukushima. I though nuclear war would be how we’d all receive deadly radiation; never thought it could come from a single crippled nuclear power plant halfway around the world.

This whole disaster is so surreal and no one seems to care. No one is listening. The Japanese have doomed us all. Tepco, the Japanese government and the nuke industry were greedy, idiotic and corrupt bastards to construct these nuke plants, esp. on major fault lines right next to the ocean. These incompetents lie about the extent of the damage and release, and worse, don’t know how to fix it. They haven’t the guts to admit failure and seek international help. They are killing themselves and the world. The Pacific is being poisoned daily, affecting the world’s food chain, not just Japan’s. It’s to the point where my family simply will not eat anything from the Pacific. Neither will Arnie Gunderson.

Our Extinction Event is looming–when those spent fuel rods hanging precariously over these reactors topple, either from building structural weakness or pushed by the next earthquake, the amount of radiation in subsequent explosions will annihilate the northern hemisphere, and possibly the southern.

It’s time to pray, even if you don’t believe in God. Better than praying, when will the world get off its Kardashian-watching, war mongering ass and come together with a Manhattan project the likes of which we have never seen, and solve this damn crisis? I’d think the elites would take heed.

I think deleting Fukushima is humanity’s singular, top priority. Period. Much more critical than climate change, poverty, war and water/food shortages. If we have deadly radiation envelope the globe, no one will survive to continue with anything else.

Then again, perhaps the Agenda 21 folks like Bill Gates, etc. have hoped for this as a way to cull the population, maybe even planned for it. And they will all fly on their private planes to the southern hemisphere. What a nightmarish world this will become for any few, “lucky” remaining survivors. Read ENENEWS to track Fukushima and other nuke problems worldwide.

And by the way, I created the following pictures. While I enjoy being clever, I think it’s part therapy. While Fukushima is a freakishly sad event in the course of humanity and our planet, I hope these bring a brief smile to your face.




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