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Fed Up

Kill the FED today, this month, this year, 2013. It’s 100 years old. What a fucking, unmitigated disaster. How could the American government allowed this to be created? Those greedy money changers truly pulled the wool over our eyes, to steal our wealth. THAT’S WHY THE FED EXISTS AND MUST END. It was created to steal wealth from the people, pure and simple. While it’s called the “Federal Reserve,” it’s a private company, not a government department, another deception. We need sound money, constitutional money, gold and silver (not paper). And along with the Fed take-down, let’s eliminate the IRS and taxes. Before the Fed and taxes, America was the most productive and happy.

We must repeal the 16 and 17th Amendments to the Constitution. The 16th to remove the life-sucking IRS, and the 17th to restore state independence and balance power with Washington.

I encourage you to read END THE FED by Ron Paul.

I hope you enjoy my video satire below. Another labor of love. Bernanke–what a liar and a putz.

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