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Crash JP Morgan Buy Silver – Max Keiser vs. Jamie Dimon

Well, what can we say. TofuMary and I are quite proud of our Hitler video parody. So many have been done. But that didn’t stop us. We’re amazed that within 2.5 years since we made this, the people and issues are still somewhat relevant. Julian Assange is still holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in UK for “rape”. Jamie Dimon is still in power. Bernanke is still in power. Unfortunately, 600 quadrillion in derivatives has climbed to over 1 quadrillion and silver has been smashed illegally by banksters to $21 today from $50 in 2011 (we knew $500 would be a bit high in the next few years). But something we predicted has come to pass: The Fed won’t give Germany’s gold back (7 years to get a smidgen)! Where’s the war over this? And we love Doug Casey which is why we lampoon him.

UPDATE: Wow, not only are we approaching 100,000 views, but we have the honor of costing a bank $1.86 million with our video. Yippie. Just wish we could have received some of that fiat goodness for our part (to convert to gold and silver).

Cheers and enjoy.

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