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We Jews Have a PhD in Complaining


Welcome to my blog. This is my first post. The first thing you should know about me is that I live to complain, I love to complain. I like to gripe, protest, criticize, bellyache and kvetch. If anything goes wrong, it’s where I generally start if I’ve gotten up on the wrong side of the bed that day. If lucky, 1 out of 5 days I’m in a good enough of a mood to let most misfortune slide off my back. If I’m living the other 4, watch out! So far I’ve had a lifetime of honing my art. I’ve pushed my poor, beautiful shiksa wife over the edge with 25+ years of complaints, so I needed another outlet to save my marriage.

I was born in the 60’s to two wonderful, loving, reformed Jews in the San Francisco Bay Area. They loved to fight too, naturally, because their Jewish. I should probably say they LIVED to fight. My dear departed mom (god rest her soul) taught me everything I know about kvetching. She was the Jedi master of criticism. She spent a lifetime of bitching about my father and for good reason. He cheated on her. Several times. From my childhood innocence, her complaining eventually rubbed off on me. She had quite a pain body (see The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle). For better or worse I think it made me a tougher person, less likely to stepped on by others. So in that sense I am grateful to her–to be able to recognize injustice and stand up for myself and others when necessary.

What do I complain about? Just about everything. Shitty bosses, asshole work peers, random jerks I meet in public, my life, bad weather, back pain, why I’m not a millionaire yet, taxes, jury duty, rich friends who rub it in, banksters, war, injustice, getting ripped off, greed, poverty, fraud, QE to infinity, gold manipulation, drone killing of innocent people, rape, bad food, stupid people, and those that tell me I should stop complaining. The list goes on. I know I’m not the only one on this planet who complains, but I think I do it more often and better than most.

Who says complaining isn’t good for the soul? Why isn’t it healthy to complain? My wife has always said I have a negative tape playing in my head that constantly criticizes myself. She’s right. This is probably the main reason I lash out, because I dislike myself. Not sure why. I am smart, generally healthy and good looking for my age, and lucky to have a beautiful wife and two children. I’m not poor, not sick and not living in Somalia.

But complaining just comes so naturally for me. Is it wrong? Is it non-productive? This blog is intended to help me explore these issues in hopes of it helping me become a better person. A more fun loving, relaxed person. My wife finally tells me I should be a Stoic, those who accept what life brings whether good or bad, and let myself get worked up. Accept what is or ignore it. So when I get mad, I often feel the rage swelling up inside me, and if I’m lucky enough to catch it early, I can douse that flame with a blanket of stoicism. I just need to to find a way to apply that stoic blanket all the time. Maybe then I won’t develop an ulcer. Maybe I’ll live longer.

– WJ


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