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Chase me away

ihatechaseChase Card, Chase Card, chase me away. I can’t stand the incompetence. In a bank no less. This is the 3rd time my card number has been stolen and fraudulent charges applied by criminals. The stupidity of the banking industry to have not created a 100% secure payment solution in 40 years since credit cards have been introduced is criminal. It wasted at least 20 minutes of my time that could have been put to much more productive use. And now I’m blogging about it, so there’s another 10 minutes.

Of course, and thankfully, it all starts with your card being denied somewhere. That’s the telltale sign some bumfuck decided to use your card to charge something. And of course someone in Las Vegas ends up buying $450 tickets to Blue Man Group with it. So now begins the customer service call from hell. Very nice people answer, but after I spend 5 minutes verifying who the hell I am, the dingbat woman decides to transfer me to another agent to repeat the entire process. I actually this time talk sternly to the 2nd agent, tell her that I’ve already done all this with the previous agent. She apologizes but can’t proceed. So they literally fuck me by wasting another 5 minutes of my time for no reason. Of course, they have to cancel the card and send out replacements. They promise 48 hours, but really turned into a week. So it’s good to have back up.

Then the card arrives, there’s no sticker on it alerting you to call to verify and activate the card. So I actually decide to buy something online with it now, and it’s denied again. Can you see me fuming already? I just spend all this effort and it’s denied AGAIN?

The problem was the card was not verified yet. Duh. There was no sticker informining me of this. So I read now “the fine print”, asking me to verify my card. I have two options. I can go online and verify, or I can call. Since it’s 6:30am and in no mood to yell at anyone, I take the online option. Results? Had to recreate my password because I forgot it, of course. That’s 3 minutes. Had to receive a text code on my phone to verify my phone number and me. Then ultimately it fails to verify my card and suggests the phone call option. Thanks, butt fuck Chase.

So I call and the first girl can’t hear me. I have full bars on my new Android phone. So I hang up and call back. I get a dude. They don’t seem hip to why I’m calling. I have to tell them why. Don’t they have my account info there (esp after they say they’re viewing my account)? Don’t they know I can’t use my card? The dude actually repeats my failed online transaction today, I guess to help verify me. So I’m verified now.

This process was so painful. And it was freaking irritating to have my card shut off without my consent or notice. This action is done to protect Chase, not me. Of course they will pay for any fraudulent activity. You would think that this industry, after losing billions and billions on fraudulent activity over the past 40 years might spend a bit of that to develop a new payment system to alleviate this problem. Unbelievable. We have to wait for PayPal, Google Wallet and Apple Pay to come along. Really?

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