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Amazon Goes Postal

Heard of Amazon Prime Air? Seriously? Amazon’s R&D dept. wants to deliver packages to customers by drone in under 30 minutes. It never ceases to amaze me what uber rich, egotistical, elite CEOs will do to stroke their inflated egos. I have to admit though, the R&D geek in me loves it, but my right brain says run for the hills. This is a joke, a train wreck waiting to happen. It’s so bad that it simply makes Bezos look like a complete idiot.

Talk about unrealistic. It’s doomed to failure and here’s why:

  1. People hate drones because they are an invasion of privacy.
  2. People will not appreciate filling the skies with flying objects beyond wildlife and chemtrails.
  3. Drones are a threat to people, animals and property. Their blades can maim and even kill people. Can you imagine the negative PR?
  4. People will start to shoot down drones for fun or to steal them and their packages. Will Amazon weaponize drones to protect them? With what, tasers? What if it targets innocent bystanders because it gets confused who tried to fire on it? Now they are liable for causing heart attacks or even death to potential customers or their pets? Can you imagine the negative PR? Maybe this is intended to be an arm of the DHS.
  5. Bad weather can damage drones or knock them out of the sky and lose packages, but maybe they only send them out during good weather.
  6. Drones can only handle small and lightweight payloads (today). Can you imagine a heftier 6×6 foot industrial drone to deliver larger items–delivering even more potential damage and lawsuits?

To repeat, can you imagine the negative PR?

Those are some pretty glaring negatives. And a lot of insurance claims and lawsuits for Amazon. All this to save some money on shipping? And do we all really need something delivered that fast? Most people are thrilled to get it in 1 day with Prime. I wonder if Amazon plans to charge more than Prime since they will deliver it so fast.

Or, more then likely, it’s a publicity stunt and simply a CEO ego stroker. I’ve worked in R&D labs at a few Fortune 500 companies. I’m sure this was heralded as a killer idea around the water cooler, and it got Bezos frothy enough to make a PR stunt, but these poor Amazon R&D engineers are fools for not considering these glaring issues. There’s not enough egg to throw on the proverbial face.

The whiny jew is going to wait for replicators and teleporters. 

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